The House

Lou Maset

“Lou Maset” is located in Quercy blanc. “White Quercy” is famous for its beautiful southern light as well as the colour of the white chalk soil which gave it its name. With its mix of fertile fields in the valleys and white chalk rocks, the landscape is contrasting and varied.

The house, a harmonious blend of tradition and the modern, is luxuriously furnished and offers you a high level of comfort.

Ecologically Sound

A hot air system is in charge of room and hot-water heating. Spacious “Raindance”-shower systems with Air Power Technology ensure economical water use (water-air ratio 1:3). High-quality sound and thermal insulation with sheep’s wool, as well as LED dimmers (warm light) create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy your holiday in the elegant and simple comfort of Lou Maset – your home from home!



The Living Area


The Grounds